Coppervale analyst teams consist of cable and broadband professionals, utility experts and financial auditors who pioneered utility audit methodologies for the cable industry.We are unique because we understand cable critical infrastructure’s unique powering needs. As a result, our analysts can go beyond pure utility bill auditing and identify facility-based and OSP power supply savings that other firms cannot. Additionally, we will work directly with the utilities on your behalf to manage the end-to-end implementation of savings, while maintaining system reliability and integrity.

Secure the best price and contract based on your budget and risk tolerance.

Deregulated energy markets create competition between energy providers. Coppervale can help you achieve the best available market price for energy purchases from reliable suppliers. As your partner, we will tailor a solution that best fits your short- and long-term energy procurement goals.

Coppervale will ensure you are paying the appropriate rates for the utility power you use. Whether your operations are based in regulated or deregulated energy markets, we have the experience to reduce your rates...

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Reducing and Managing Supply-Side Energy Costs.

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